Different Types of Restaurant Used Deli Cases Florida to Buy

Different Types of Restaurant Used Deli Cases Florida to Buy

Deli cases play a very crucial role in any restaurant business. This is because deli cases are a reflection of the level of hygiene in any restaurant. Therefore, the type of deli cases you buy can make or break your business. Below are the different types of used deli cases Florida you can buy.

Curved glass cases

These used deli cases Florida are made of a large curved glass. The glass covers the front and the top of the case thus allowing customers to see what is contained in the case. For cleaning, you only need to lift the glass from the front.

Slant front cases

The slant front cases are also called straight front used deli cases Florida. They have a straight piece of glass inclined to reduce the fierce look. Unlike the curved glass case, the top is completely covered hence you cannot see the contents inside the case from the top. You can only see the contents from the front.

Self-service deli cases

They are also called ‘grab and go’ cases. This is because they are open at the top hence the customers can easily pick the food that they want from the case. Since the customers pick food by themselves, it frees employees from serving the customers. Although, these vases make work easier, they are not energy efficient. This is because the open front allows cool air to escape which makes food cold.

Refrigerated used deli cases Florida

These cases have an inbuilt refrigerator. The presence of the refrigerator ensures that food stays fresh for long; therefore, food spoilage is minimal. This increases the profits in your business. Many of the refrigerated deli cases have a condensation evaporator and a cooling unit. The presence of these features further increases the efficiency of the deli case.

While buying the cases, you should ensure that the deli cases have a deli case liners and deli case risers. Deli case liners play a great role in protecting the inside of your deli case. The liners are usually made of plastic with an adhesive grip. The adhesive grip aids in holding food in place. This ensures that your food does not slide down. On the other hand, deli case risers aid in elevating foods at the back so that the food is visible from the front.


While it is of paramount importance to consult about the right used deli cases Florida for your restaurant business, you should not solely rely on the designers to pick the cases. You are the one who knows your business better and its requirements.