Great Tips for Buying Used Mixers – Wholesale Restaurant Equipment in Florida

Great Tips for Buying Used Mixers Florida Restaurant Owners Should Know

If it has always been your dream to open and operate your own restaurant, you know that there are many different startup steps required to achieve this goal.  The hardest task in the beginning is coming up with the capital to spend on the specialized baking tools and machinery.  Once the right equipment has been determined, you also have the option to choose between various models, and between buying used or new one. With the used mixers Florida restaurant owners can save a huge amount of money.   A restaurant dough mixer is probably one of the most important investments you will make for your new restaurant business so it is imperative that you choose the right one.

Dough mixers come in a wide variety of types and each can have many different uses.  Choosing the right mixer can be a tough decision but with some basic research and investigation, you will be able to make a smart investment.

The three main types of mixers are the ‘vertical cutter’, which is versatile for mixing both dough and batter; the ‘planetary mixer’, which has an offset shaft for its agitator; and the ‘spiral mixer’, which, as the name implies, has a spiral-shaped agitator.

Industrial used mixers Florida come in a variety of sizes and offer different functionalities.  The double-arm mixer has two blades that operate at the same time but at different speeds.  A dispersion mixer typically used for chemicals reduces content size of the material being mixed. Ribbon mixers are very efficient and can be found in both food and pharmaceuticals.  The Nauta mixer uses an inverted cone for gentle, slow blending.

When opening a restaurant, you must keep in mind what products you intend to sell and choose the most appropriate used mixers Florida.  You may also come across twin-cone or continuous mixers, and any industrial-style mixer can be found through online retailers at reduced prices.  Once you know the type of mixer your restaurant will need, you can then focus on choosing the correct model.  Mixers vary by size, the type of drive system (belt or gear), speeds, horsepower, bowl guard, and lift.  Choose the model that will be able to handle the most dough you plan to use within it for the best performance and value.

Finally, some features to consider when buying restaurant used mixers Florida include the number of available speeds, what material both the stand and the bowl are made out of, and how easy it is to operate the controls for the mixer.  You may even find a mixer with automatic controls such as timers or specific dough settings.